Myze application

Myze application for OS Android - smart shopping campaign.

Myze mobile application allows to do purchases intelligently with using credit cards. The application is developed for OS Android. How it works? At first, to be able to give user the best advice, user will need to let Myze know which credit card types he own. The Myze database currently includes the most used credit cards in the United States and thousands of offers. It is not necessary to input into Myze application any credit card sensitive data (for ex., numbers), just types of cards. Then when the user stays in some place and is going to start shopping, the application will help him in this deal. Based on GPS signal, Myze will locate user and present him a list of merchants nearby. User should choose store and application will present him the best offer he can get by using the right credit card. Myze is really usefull application, which helps to save money.