Myze application
Myze application for OS Android - smart shopping campaign.
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Clctin is a free online platform for collectors to show their collections, catalog them, trade, share information and get to know other collectors.
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Online Trading Gateway
Complex application project that provides an universal API for retrieving and posting information into stock/ trading system through web interface.
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SwagBucks.com is an online portal dedicated to helping earn Swag Bucks, digital dollars which can be redeemed for swagbucks.com prizes. The project is in development.
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Crawler System, which provides regular gathering car/real-estate/secondhand and other advertisements from different sites and allows to manage this information for further using it on another target classifieds site.
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Tetrax is a new, innovative way to measure balance and stability. Tetrax is based on the concept of posturography – a balance testing methodology in which the pressure the subject exerts on a platform is measured in order to test his balance. Tetrax is unique because it measures at four balance plates, providing additional balance parameters and additional result information.
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HP-Configuration project was intended for capturing HP product scopes (routers, switches and so on) information from on-line service and gathering data to the database in pre-defined format. Gathering data was divided on phases with a set of products, which should be captured during a certain period.
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Software complex for Sharan company is a client relationship management system. System is designed to provide effective interaction between health organizations, clinics, physicians and patients through Sharan company. It is assumed that this software will cover all activities of the company. With this system every business process can be controlled from entering into agreements with health organization to care for patients. The project is in development.
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IASQ Platform
System provides functionality for automatic polls. Base part of system is similar to Phone Plus Platform. Includes: IASQ web application (main management, reporting, controlling, configuring part) Voice Dispatcher module (voice files distribution & conversion part) Tacticon module (grammar files generation part)
The general idea of BuyorDrop is to help users make web shopping easier, profitable and manage their purchases: Help users find information and recommendations about items from their social circles Collect all their purchases in one place. Consult with your friends about the benefits of shopping. Get information about friend's purchases. Enable users to buy selected items by redirecting them to the online merchant The project is in development.
Maxim. Expert Corner - knowledge management tool
This system standardize sales presentations for products and end equipment and provide a place where they can be stored and retrieved. It also provides a place to collect sales and business intelligence comments. The system is designed to serve Maxim and Distributor Sales staff, BUs, Executive Management, and customers. The project is in development. Some functions: Share files & folders Leave comments and ratings Presentation Editor User Cabinet User portfel Version control Document Permission system Preview instrument for all file types Internal documenting Admin panel Full-text search
PhonePlus Portal (Fluent)
Description: Complete solution for automatic telephony and related CRM. System is tenant based. Every tenant has a set of applications and users of several types. Consists of following parts: Phone Plus web application (main management, reporting, controlling, configuring part); Agent Ruler web application (customer representative real time monitoring & management part); Voice Dispatcher module (voice files distribution & conversion part); Tacticon module (grammar files generation part); Distribution web service (provides functionality for sms & voice messages data importing via Excel files, SOAP request, CallMe control & related templates generation); CallMe (plug-in web application for clients' sites additional functionality providing); Cellact (sms sending web service);
Automated intellectual system provides Vodafone «OneNet» solutions to be generated almost automatically by Account Managers and Sales Specialists without utilizing Solution Designers. System maintains key business process: Allocate lead Qualify Customer Hold Sales Meeting Prepare for Site Survey Design Customer Solution Create Deal Park Sign Contract Implement intellectual rules and validations management enables 70% of designs / quotes to be standard solutions Quote. Reduce significantly the rejection rate (due to mistakes along the process). Reduce significantly the time to deliver a proposal.
MyCall (Fluent)
MyCall is enterprise communication platform. MyCall is telephone multitenant platform that can be used by several companies. The web interface of the MyCall Platform is intended to provide users to manage all aspects of voice telephony the system. MyCall provides several hierarchy levels for managing the system: super administrator, tenant administrator and tenant user. Also it makes the following features available: user and administration management, company settings management, data import scheduling, scheduled database servicing, reports creation and other according to user rights.
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Corporate site for the medical service «Izmedic». Realized the possibility request a callback, request for treatment and ask a doctor using a special form.
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TextMobili.co.uk - webFront for SMS Application
Website front end for configuring for Phone SMS Application
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MyCall, PhonePlus Portal, TextMobili.co.uk - webFront for SMS Application, Online Trading Gateway, IASQ Platform, Lotteries
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Rally Bound
Back-office for the portal collect donations.
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Corporate site for G3-PLC™ Alliance organization.
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