Software Development Solutions

Progforce combines advanced technological solutions with intelligent operational standards to bring you continuous success.

Progforce’s Custom Software Development Services will help you balance overall costs, enhance service levels and improve company productivity through robust management of high performance, flexible and business critical applications. We take pride in providing our clients with hassle free, high quality customized software development solutions that take advantage of low cost offshore outsourcing. ProgForce takes full responsibility for delivering your application on time and within the budget. Leveraging the best development tools and technologies today, we ensure that your business apps are developed, maintained and managed within optimal cost and a realistic time frame to provide you with a secure business environment. Our team of software engineers approach custom software development in a proactive and practical way. We implement a development model that meets conventional and current practices. We integrate conventional software development practices with the latest technology tools to provide faster and more efficient solutions for our clients.

Software Development Service
  • • Global delivery model
  • • Customized app development
  • • Well structured software development metrics
  • • Adherence to international standards
  • • Increased uptime and consistent excellent performance
  • • Reduced time frames and cost effective services
  • • Risk management model and comprehensive QA process
Software Application Tools and Technologies:

Although our industry intelligence covers reveral platforms, databases, and languages, our core technologies include:

  • •, C#, .Net
  • • MySQL, ASP, PHP
  • • Java, JavaScript, AJAX
  • • Delphi, Python, Perl & Etc.

Custom Web Application Development

Contrary to popular belief, web development is more than just programming with the use of web based tools. Web development refers to the process of building a complete site that can be used for commercial or internal use. We feature web applications that are based on our clients' needs and wants. These web applications are tailored to meet a client’s IT requirements and steer clear of organizational stigmata like process delays, information theft and problems with data recovery. We take pride in producing web development applications that will minimize downtime and increase company productivity. Our team of skilled and experienced web developers understand your need for convenient, innovative and efficient web applications. ProgForce designs dynamic web solutions that will suit your company’s present and future business needs.

  • • Ecommerce Software. We create B2B and B2C solutions that support client specified models as well as online service applications.
  • • B2B Collaboration. We specialize in web applications for online transaction processing, electronic data interchange, e-procurement and supply chain management.
  • • Internal eBusiness Applications. With barcode support, our web developers are able to provide you with an application that lets your staff perform inventory management and ordering in just one button.
  • • Portals. We offer automated data collection systems, enterprise information portals, web information portals and so much more.

Custom Mobile Application Development

Custom mobile applications offer unprecedented opportunities to help enhance productivity and reduce costs. Our professional software engineers develop secure and stable mobile applications for all kinds of platforms such as Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Symbian, and etc. Here are some crucial attributes of the ProgForce Mobile Apps.

  • • Multiplatform. You don’t have to look anywhere else to find solutions for various platforms. Tell us your business needs and we’ll be happy to design something for you.
  • • Cost efficient. Our software engineers use application templates, third party frameworks and comprehensive knowledge to minimize runtime and expenses.
  • • Easy to market. Our team of professional developers know how to put your product in the right channel, including the Blackberry App World, Apple Store and the Android Market.

As the number of mobile workforces increase, most businesses are tapping into mobile solutions to connect their field employees to enterprise wide applications and provide them real time access to online information. We offer custom mobile application development solutions that enable enterprises to deal with growing business needs, exhibit premier performance and enhance productivity with the right balance of cost, speed and quality.

Custom Desktop Application Development

ProgForce utilizes the best modern technologies and tools to develop user-friendly and efficient desktop applications to help minimize down time. Our desktop software methodology is guided by expert skill leveraged through verification, technology and validation practices. Let us spruce up your business environment through easy to access and new generation rich desktop applications (RDAs) and rich internet desktop applications (RIDAs). Through our industry and technical expertise, we improve desktop applications to reduce complexity of business processes, enhance performance and increase productivity. Our custom desktop application development solutions include:

  • • Custom software development
  • • B2B portals and database
  • • Redesigning of existing applications
  • • Ecommerce desktop application

We are a service-focused software development firm that regularly coordinates with our clients during every step of the way. We believe that planning and constant client coordination is the key to a successful project. Our team of professional software engineers develop scalable and flexible applications that integrate business axioms for efficient products. We employ only the best and latest software grid application tools to create software solutions.

Custom Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise applications are software developed for instant use by companies to improve their enterprise management and business offerings. ProgForce takes pride in developing enterprise solutions that will minimize business complexity and eradicate institutional stress so companies can focus more on growth strategies. We believe in offering clean, functional and robust software applications that can respond to dynamic business environments. We adhere to a “need-based” philosophy that focuses on user experience and customer satisfaction, delivering core features that give you the greatest value and flexibility.

Our software engineers and web developers understand the importance of analyzing business processes before implementing a solution. This includes linking processes to the firm’s strategy and gauging the efficiency of each process before implementing changes. ProgForce specializes in the following enterprise solutions:

  • • Business automation
  • • Database development and integration
  • • Management portals
  • • Workflow management systems
  • • Order management
  • • Customizable reporting systems
  • • Document management
  • • Partners management systems
  • • Intranets and extranets

Whether your objective is to streamline internal processes, improve flow of information between clients, or integrate existing apps to a working system, we have the necessary skills to harness the technology for your company’s advantage.

Contact us today and let us help you contain costs and improve company performance!


Led by a seasoned team that accumulated dozens of years of management and delivery to the largest corporations in the world across many industries, including but not limited to:

Distributed SW systems, Database, Web applications, Networking, System Integration, Business Intelligence, Business Processes and more. This team extended its personal experience to train, mentor and manage a world-class team that delivers unparalleled results that matter to you!

Areas of expertise
  • • Apex coding
  • • Agile application development and application improvement
  • • Customize fields, page layouts, record types, objects, triggers, searching, list views, queues, reports, and dashboards
  • • Visualforce / Jquery UI development
  • • Storage on