Our Vision

Progforce was founded by an IT professional with high expectations and a selective eye. Frustrated with high costs and low results, Isak Lerner began outsourcing software development when he needed to meet crucial deadlines. Lerner quickly discovered the outstanding benefits of outsourcing, but also felt the dissonance of working with "faceless" sources. Though outsourcing was a great way to efficiently complete projects, it also came with a degree of unreliability.

In 2008, Lerner and his long-time friend, fellow salsa club goer, and business partner Oleg Shulman began Progforce in order to address these "faceless" outsourcing issues. The company set up its first office in Russia and began work. Instead of hiring just anyone around the world with programming skills, Lerner wanted to establish a stable, more "traditional" work approach to outsourcing in offices around the world. In 2009, Lerner and Shulman teamed up with Boris Oberstein, a seasoned software management pro and former happy client. Oberstein signed on as the new manager for Progforce's Israel office. With offices in Russia, Israel and the United States, Progforce took off.

Progforce workers enjoy a familiar in-house work environment where they engage in direct consultation with expert project managers. All projects are executed within the Progforce base under designated teams and delivered with the highest standards in mind. Here at Progforce, we know and nurture our own.

Progforce aims to provide clients with more than just outstanding software design and development. We aim to be a real partner, with a real face and name to go with it. We want our clients to know us as individuals. No matter who you are, and whatever your outsourcing needs, you will always know who is working with and for you.

Our People

Progforce, more than anything else, is a league of extraordinary talent - sought, refined, and dedicated to providing the most impeccable intelligence and service. Our team of professional software developers are specially chosen through a process of selection based not only on training, but conception and creative application. Our people don't just plug in the numbers. Our people create custom solutions for custom needs.

Why Progforce?

Progforce is more than a distant work source. Progforce is committed to providing clients with the most efficient and highquality development and consulting services, with the goal of establishing a solid business alliance. We offer our clients global exposure and diverse technological ingenuity. Our elite team of programmers and software engineers are some of the best in the world, and can offer your company a competitive edge on the field. Our astute process of development ensures quality production and properly engages our clients to maintain functional unity. With Progforce as a global ally, your company will benefit from a continuous sustainable advantage with perceptible distinction.